Garja Maharashtra Majha – Maharashtra Map

In 2014, Shri Ajit Pawar recognized that farmers were being heavily impacted by the increasing prevalence of natural calamities like drought and hailstorms.

Crop losses rendered them with an inability to pay their electricity bills, which then led to service termination and further complicated their financial woes. In response, Shri Ajit Pawar pushed for a 50% waiver on their dues and gave them the option to pay the remaining amount in three instalments. He later announced that the state exchequer would spend INR 2,977 Crores towards this worthy end.

This is a clear example of his ability to combine bottom-up and top-down tactics to deliver pragmatic solutions that make a real impact.
Furthermore, during his tenure as Maharashtra’s Finance Minister, he instituted schemes that provided subsidized loans to farmers, allocated funds to maintain buffer stocks of fertilizer, and directed state resources towards major agricultural development initiatives involving water sector improvement, sustainable irrigation, grassland development, and seed distribution.

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