A village in Baramati Taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra, Katewadi is Shri Ajit Pawar’s hometown. Katewadi is the perfect illustration of Shri Ajit Pawar’s foresight and vision, and a prime example of what he can achieve with the right support. His extensive work in region’s agrarian sector led to Katewadi being named Maharashtra’s first “Eco-Village.”

He recognized the pernicious effect industrial pesticides and fertilizers were having on both people and the environment and sought to re-orient Katewadi’s farming practices towards organic cultivation. He worked with the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Baramati to drive awareness around the harmful effects of these chemical products and introduced farmers to organic alternatives like vermicomposting, green manure, bio-fertilizers, and farm-waste composting. As a result of these measures, farmers saw larger crop-yields, and the entire village eschewed chemical products and embraced organic cultivation. He also implemented a robust water conservation program, and set up an information centre to equip farmers with the latest updates on weather patterns and price fluctuations.

Katewadi - Model Village

Katewadi is renowned for its sustainable infrastructure and has been named a “Model Village” by the Government of Maharashtra. The township boasts well-maintained roads, solar-powered streetlights, a biogas energy plant, schools, primary healthcare centres, community housing projects, a high-capacity underground drainage system, and a sewage treatment program developed by Green Bridge Technology.

A pioneer in the realm of public hygiene, Katewadi is also one of the first villages in the country to have a toilet in every home.

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