Spread over 60 acres in the MIDC Industrial Area, BHTPL houses dozens of textile-oriented businesses producing everything from ready-to-wear garments and home furnishings, to printed apparel/packaging, embroidered fabric, and more. Several ancillary B2B businesses also share the premises, allowing the entire ecosystem to operate at peak efficiency. Meanwhile, the on-site R&D and quality control centre ensures that all outgoing product meets global quality standards. The park also promotes environmentally friendly practices, and has banned the use of plastic, paper tissues, and gutka/paan across its campus.

BHTPL – Womens Empowerment
BHTPL - Employment For Women
BHTPL - Employees

The primary objective behind starting BHTPL was to create a viable source of employment for women from rural communities around Baramati. Today, BHTPL provides employment to over 3,000 skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers, 80 percent of whom are women. This has had a profound impact on the macroeconomics of the region; that ensured the mobilization of a previously untapped workforce and doubled each household’s income. At full capacity, BHTPL can employ about 6,000 people, at the same gender ratio it currently maintains. This will only further improve gender dynamics and continue to drive economic growth in the region.

BHTPL – Textile Industries

BHTPL is an entity that covers all its bases. It has developed an impressive recruitment program in collaboration with local Gram Panchayats, and mobilized resources to ensure safe and convenient transport for women, to and from their villages. The training centre teaches women basic vocational skills and directs them towards avenues of employment within the park. Designed to cater to the needs of working mothers, the park has facilities like a bank extension counter and crèche on offer.

BHTPL also hosts a plethora of events to drive awareness around issues like financial independence, education, women’s health and safety, and more.

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